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We will have three reading periods during 2016.

  • 1-31 Jan 2016
  • 1-31 May 2016
  • 1-30 Sep 2016

Please expect responses approximately one month after each reading period has ended.

Submissions outside of the reading period will not be considered.

Submission guidelines - fiction and poems

recompose is a magazine of interstitial short works - both prose and poetry. We are looking for flash fiction and poems that walk the line between one of the "speculative" genres —science fiction, fantasy, and horror— and the literary genre. There's a lot of space in those cracks, but there must be both a discernible integral speculative element and a literary element. While horror is a speculative genre, we ask that you be cautious with the use of graphic sex or sexual assault and avoid gratutitous use of either.

Original work strongly preferred; no simultaneous submissions.

No more than three poems AND one fiction per reading period.

Please do not submit previously published works.

We are particularly interested in seeing stories from underrepresented populations (eg: people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT people).

We are looking for poetry and short prose works. We are paying professional rates: $0.25/line for poetry up to 50 lines and $0.06/word for prose up to 1000 words. We will not read stories over 1,100 words or poems over 55 lines. You can see a sample contract for Alliteration Ink at As per that template, for original works we will be asking for one-year exclusive print and digital rights (with exceptions), and five year non-exclusive print and digital rights. All other rights reside with the author.

As a professional publication, we expect you to have followed standard formatting guidelines and have a professional cover letter. Your work should be submitted in rtf, doc, or docx file format. Please see William Shunn's excellent guide for formatting both stories and poems and this example for crafting a professional cover letter. Do include a short bio of less than 50 words.

Stories that do not follow these guidelines may face summary rejection (and may not pass our spam filter).

Submit your works through our submission manager.

Submission guidelines - non-fiction

Alasdair is contracted to do our non-fiction for the first year. If you are interested in the position afterward, please query us with a sample work at

Submission guidelines - artwork

We are interested in your line (or otherwise black and white) artwork that is inspired by the poems and stories in an issue. If you are interested, please send us a query with a sample work at