About recompose

Several years ago, I heard a poet and author discuss the two big problems they were having:

  • The lack of publications that had literary sensibilities but were open to speculative elements
  • and how few places actually paid poets and authors of short fiction anything other than a pittance.

That was the day this project started to take shape.

recompose is not the same project as it was years ago, but those two concepts have informed every step of the process.

This project not only pursues two passions of the publisher—a new appreciation of poetry and a deep love of transgressive short fiction—but also provides an opportunity to pay authors and poets professional rates for their work.

This is not a place for pretentious self-involved literary works, nor is it a place for flat genre. This is a place where metaphors exist alongside magic, where synecdoche occurs in space, where elves pen ekphrastic poems.

This is a place where the literary and the weird combine to create something more.


And your support is what lets it happen.

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