"Beneath the Bark Her Heart" by and © 2016 Andrea Corbin

"Portrait of the Captain with Small Waiting Objects" by and © 2016 T.D. Walker

"Illus. 1 - Sub Rosa" by and © 2016 Courtney Vice

"Sub Rosa" by and © 2016 Samantha Murray

"Generations" by and © 2016 Chloe N. Clark

"On Ghostwatch" by and © 2016 Alasdair Stuart

"Kissed" by and © 2016 Kurt Newton

"Triple Threat" by and © 2016 Leigh M. Lane

"Chants of Night" by and © 2016 Donald Illich

"A Braw Song For Burns Night" by and © 2016 Philip Brian Hall

"Illus. 2 - The Generosity of Deer" by and © 2016 Courtney Vice

"The Generosity of Deer" by and © 2016 Lyndsey Silveira

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recompose #2: Ritualistic Pompadour
ISSN 2381-6627 (electronic text)
September 2016

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